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A Community for Sustainable Living


A last unit available for purchase in a showcase eco-village 

in the heart of Denmark, Western Australia



Our Deco-Village Community created the DecoHousing Denmark co-housing project and we live here sharing a strong sustainability ethos. The village is family friendly, designed for aging-in-place and fully accessible.

Our own company, Deco Living Pty Ltd developed the $4.9 million co-housing project using a SW builder, architect, earthmovers and other professionals, is just 250 meters from the centre of  town. We took occupancy on September 1, 2018.

The last 4 x 2 home available @ $525,000

Interested? Click on the "Buying In" button; it is effectively at construction and financing cost with no developers profit margin as we were the developers

This price includes a share in a 118m2 common house with a large kitchen/dining area, theatre set-up, and guest bedroom with bathroom.

The community also shares a large garage/workshop, solar power/batteries, grey-water, rainwater and gardens, orchard and more.

All the 9 star energy-rated duplexed homes are

compact and comfortable, fully self contained

with reticulated nbn/phones and  satellite TV.


The homes are built of the innovative wonder

material: hempcrete. Kevin McCloud and others

think hempcrete is unmatched as a building

material -

To achieve our vision, our development company, Deco Living Pty Ltd, teamed with H+H Architects Albany, AK Homes Bunbury and Social Enterprise Finance Australia of Sydney, with legal support by Denmark Legal and solar power from DSR Energy. The Sustainable Living Fund of Denmark Community Windfarm Inc. provided a grant towards the innovative data metering / comms control system.

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